This season the fashion scene is all about lace. The lace has always been the symbol of a feminine look and behavior, so don’t hesitate to fill your summer wardrobe with the transparent beauty of lace. Forget the stereotypical dresses; go for sheer fabrics and bold colors.

lace fashion trends

Check out Christian Dior’s spring/summer collection that is all about colorful transparent clothing. The dresses are made out of transparent fabrics and include colors like bright blue and bright pink. Don’t turn your back on the prints as the vintage lace with large prints is now sexy and modern.

little black dress

The little black dress is now designed in new way- very short and very transparent. You can also choose vintage bloody red lace that looks very seductive and classy. The sheer is a basic trend in Ralph Lauren’s spring collection.

lace fashion

Go for white long lace dress, for it is the bespoke hit of the spring/summer season. The accessories are also transparent and lavish.

lace trends

Marc Jacobs has presented us with high heels made out of red lace, which are very trendy and impressive. The belts remain large in order to cover those parts of your body you wouldn’t want to show in a transparent dress.


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