The bags are the bespoke accessories of the season. The New Year brings new trends for these eternal feminine accessories. Forget the mini cocktail bags and purses; the biggest trend of the year is to choose luxury big bags. The black leather is no longer the most modern one. Go for vibrant green, pink, red and yellow.

2011 handbags

The leather remains the most preferable fabric, when it comes to bags, but the fur also has its place. Check out Balenciaga’s latest collection that is all about fur bags in unusual forms and colors. The orange color that is typical for the 70’s style bags is now fashionable again. Maybe that’s why Proenza Schouler has released a new collection with orange leather bags.

marc jacobs saddler bag

The Marc Jacob saddler bag is also very modern, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe with this untraditional bag.

Jerome Dreyfus offers luxury bags that include lavish fabrics and crystals. The eternal brand of Chanel is offering its famous purse, which has never gone out of the fashion scene. In case you are follower of the traditional luxury bags, Celine is the other brand that offers amazing pink and black bags for the season.

jerome dreyfuss

Prada is more exclusive; they released their large knitted bags that are proper for women with unusual fashion taste.


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