With the launch of 2011 spring/summer collections by leading designers some new accessories trends have come forward this season. The trends this year are more wearable and comfortable.


wovenWoven texture is the flavor of the season. Leading design houses have launched accessories in a variety of woven patterns. Look for footwear, handbags, purses, belts and bangles too. Elegant braids and knits provide texture to the accessories and lend character to the complete ensemble.


colorBold colors are also a favored trend.  They have replaced heavy hardware and are equally striking when used in balance with the rest of the outfit. For someone who loves color, it is party time. So enjoy the bold and beautiful colors of this season.


patternsWith designers favoring patterns in their collections this year, the accessories too have accepted them with aplomb. Intricate, delicate or bold, choose the pattern that pleases your heart.

Animal print

animal printAnimal prints have been in vogue for sometime and yes they look perfect on accessories too.

Metallic shine

metallic shineWomen’s fashion is now being inspired by men’s fashion! Choose from shoes, attaches belts and handbags that look practical and formal. Metallic shine has also found its way to the accessories world.


stripesCombine stripes with stripes or stripes with patterns to look trendy.


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