This winter the fashion scene is all about feminine look. The winter fashion trend is all about warm coats. The tailored coats have turned to be the most popular coats of the winter, for they are worn by many Hollywood stars.

Of course, there is nothing better than a feminine and classy tailoring. Go for the classic black color.

a line shape

The A-line shape is preferable, for it will make you look thinner. In case you want some different details, go for fur collar. It is fashionable and yet, very chic. If you are fan of the simple coats, you can choose one hue to wear head to toe.

camel coat

The camel coats are the best but make sure the pieces are structured and create a feminine silhouette.

tonal look

Try to match your accessories – a scarf will be the right accessory. The leather gloves are always in fashion, so you can add them to your winter look. The coats with belts are the trendiest.

belt it

If you are not sure what accessory to add, simply add a belt. You can’t ever go wrong choosing a classy coat and a fashionable belt in all kind of colors.

The graphic black and white coats are another trendy winter decision, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe.


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