This season the male fashion is no longer the same. Forget the metro-sexual look and prepare for an extreme vision. The year brings new modern urban look that combines classy and bold accents and accessories. The biggest fashion designers have prepared great collection for modern men with style. The luxury suits in black and dark blue are back on the fashion scene.

dolce & gabbana

Designers like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana have chosen very lavish fabrics in their latest collection. The tailored suits are fashionable, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe with Hermes latest suits.

Louis Vuitton has interesting decisions about the male clothing this year. The designer offers bright colored T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and of course his iconic bags for males.

mens fashion

When it comes to real fashion masterpieces, the latest Trussardi collection is the bespoke winner. Its creative and modern clothes are all about the rocker look. Black and white are the basic colors of their collection.  The prints are recommendable, especially if you are fan of urban styling.

The accessories of the season are also changed. Don’t forget to choose a bohemian black hat, leather bag and large belt. As for the shoes, they are definitely white, even the boots.


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