The hosiery trend for the winter can be described as very stylish and elegant. In case you want to add some sophistication to your wardrobe, go for the classy black tights.

They are an eternal symbol of femininity, so choose them if you want an impressive look. The Jonathan Aston Holes Leggings are really great, so check out the designer’s latest collection.

winter hosiery

If you want something extravagant, but yet classy, go for sparkling tights. They are the perfect choice for the holidays and you can combine them with mini skirts in all colors.

Check out Victoria Beckham’s latest collection for fabulous sparkle tights.

max mara collection

The sheer tights have always been modern, but this season they are all over the fashion scene. The sheer tights in cosmetic tones suit all skin tones and look great for all occasions. Of course the bespoke tights of the winter are the patterned tights.

maxmara collection

The animal printed tights are one of the most preferred for the holiday’s parties, but you can also try the hound tooth patterns, which are classy and go perfectly with any outfit. Wolford’s latest collection is all about patterned tights, so check it out.

The socks are also welcomed this season. Over the knee socks remain the best choice for women with a more extravagant taste.


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