Diva air

diva air

The 40s is back with its stylish and feminine clothes. Go for white satin dress decorated with black lace. Add some gold jewels and you will be ready for the party. A tiara on your head will be the best accessory for the evening.

Glitter shoes

glitter shoes

The New Year’s party is all about glam. The glitter shoes are the right shoes for such a party. Check out the latest collection of Versace and Cavalli; they are offering all kind of glitter shoes in silver and bronze.

Sparkle dress

sparkle dress

The bespoke dress of the season is the sparkle dress. Go for silver, bronze and all kind of crystal encrusted mini dress. It is sexy and yet very elegant. Marc Jacob’s vintage collection offers the best sparkle dresses for the last party night of the year.

Glam purse

glam purse

The cocktail bags have always been great accessories for such an occasion, but this year the purse is number one. Go for glam purse, encrusted with crystals. The color palette is bold, so don’t hesitate to surprise everyone with a blue glam purse or a bright neon and pink mini cocktail bag.


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