Red lips, provocative leopard shoes and a black sleek dress. These three are must, in case you want to impress everyone with class and sexy look. The cocktail bag should be black, encrusted with different gem stones and crystals.

holiday make up

The eternal little black dress is a must for any holiday party. This one is really sexy and stylish. Go for luxury fabrics like satin or velvet and make sure it is short enough. The short mini dress is part of the holiday fashion tendency, so don’t hesitate to choose it for the New Year’s party.

mini black dress

A lace mini dress is another sexy decision for the holiday’s parties. It is elegant and seductive, so don’t hesitate to choose such a dress.
lace dress

Grey and blue are the two colors that can be described as the party colors of the year. Go for sparkling grey dress and combine it with black high heels and a mini cocktail bag. The large ring is a must, but make sure it is in the dark palette. The makeup also should be grey, in order to match your outfit and accessory.
holiday party accessories

In case you want to be a seductive princess, go for the ballerina dress, made out of transparent lace or simply go for two color dresses, for it is eccentric and yet, extremely chic.

forever unique dress


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