The fashion is all about the right accessories and this is a well known fact. This season the accessories differ with their style and look, especially when it comes to coats. There is an accessory, which is super elegant and adds stylish notes to any coat.

faux fur

A faux fur collar is the bespoke hit of the season, for it is a chic and a super modern way to beautify your coat. In case you are wondering about the color, actually it doesn’t matter. The faux fur collar goes perfectly with all kinds of coats and colors.

black fur

The military-inspired coats can also be beautified with a faux fur collar in an olive green color. A perfect example is the fur-trimmed military jacket from Express, which is modern and sexy.

juicy couture faux fur

Top Shop is another fashion brand that includes faux fur collars in their latest collection. Their black elegant coat with dark brown faux fur coat is another reason to update your wardrobe with this amazing accessory.

In case you are not going to buy yourself a new coat, then you can just choose a faux fur collar for it, since the collar is detachable. Choose a lavish faux fur collar in white color and add some luxury to your jacket or coat.


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