The hair accessories are as important as the good hairstyle. In case you want to add more glamor to your holiday look, a hair accessory will help a lot.  The recent trend is the white headband. It is stylish and sexy.

velvet headwrap

You can choose all kind of colors, as the neon colors are the trendiest. In case you want to add certain sophistication to your hair, choose accessories with feathers.

feather headband

They are elegant and vintage, so don’t hesitate to wear a feather headband. The braided crystal twist and chunky strands head wrap are yet another glamorous decisions for party girls. It looks great on short hairstyles.

velvet braid headband

The velvet braid headbands are also great for an official event, especially if you choose red velvet. In case you want something more naturally, choose flower headbands. It is an old times chic style, but it goes perfectly with your special occasion outfits.

crystal headwrap

The vintage lovers also have an option- a tiara with crystals, for it looks glamorous and royal like.

You can beatify your updo with some accessories that resemble stars. Go for star hairpins, for they are more appropriate for the Christmas holidays. The retro hair-clasp is also a modern thing, so go for it.


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