The hair trends for 2011 can be described as bold and very interesting. The beginning of a new decade will bring us colorful hairstyles.

The most important thing about the hair trend is color. Change your natural hair and go for bright colors. The bright red is back on the fashion scene. In case you have a long, curly hair, the bright red color is just the one for you.

red and dark blue hair color

If you have shoulder length hair, you better change the color to dark blue, which is almost black. For those of you who like to experiment, the pink hair is super fashionable. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

pink and purple hair colors

Another popular trend for 2011 is adding some purple extensions in your hair. Stars like Kate Moss, Katy Perry and Rihanna are choosing bright colored hairstyles for their every-day look. In case you want to look like a star, forget the classy old colors.

Even the blond is no longer the same. If you are natural blonde, go for platinum, almost silver blond color. It is the trendiest color of the upcoming year.

silver and straight hair

As for the hairstyles, they are bold and interesting. Go for long, curly or straighten hair look, for these are the top hairstyles for the New Year.


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