The jewels of the winter are totally different from the last fashion season. The winter’s jewelry is now glamorous, but yet a bit spooky. The gothic style of the jewels is more than fashionable and it has been the major style of the latest collection from Lanvin, Alexander McQueen and Prada.

winter jewelry

The jewels tell the stories of love and death; maybe that’s why they resemble medieval religious iconography, dark jagged jewels, classical Greek and tattoo flash.

The silver is the leading material, when it comes to fashionable jewels. The black stones are also recommendable, in case you want to add some gothic notes to your wardrobe.

The shapes are unusual, but the tendency from the last season is still valid – the jewels are large and massive. The cocktail rings come with different stones, but the main color is black.

winter jewellery

In case you want to add some spooky glamor, you can also add some layered necklaces. The pearls are the eternal fashion accessories, but this season you can wear them on your ears.

As for the bracelets, they are large and silver with inserted colorful stones that remind of the real medieval style. You can also choose a black leather bracelet, for they are gothic and yet stylish. Try Amore & Baci for a stunning range of Italian crafted jewellery.


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