The high heels with an attitude

The ankle boots are the bespoke accessories of the season, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe with these amazing black leather beauties. It will add sophistication to your fall- winter fashion casual style.

high heels

The glamorous iPad case

It is Chanel and it is always going to be the “IT” fashion item even when it is your stylish iPad case. This season Chanel has released a poised and glamorous case, which looks similar to the typical Chanel bag perfectly fit for business style fashionista.

ipad case

The camel coat with a twist

When it comes to coats, this season this is surely all about the camel coat. The desert colors are the perfect fashionable way to impress the audience. Check Prada’s latest collection for more stunning camel coats with a twist.

fall fashion

The sexy cable knits

The cable knits are an absolute hit on the casual fashion scene this cold season. Don’t hesitate to experiment and add them in your wardrobe. Don’t forget that they go perfectly with fur, which is also a must-have for the season.

sexy cable knits

The wild side of fashion via fur

Fur is all about the wilderness; therefore this fabric is the main fabric of the year. Go for faux fur, for they create a sexy and stylish look. You can also choose colored fur coats and over- the-knee boots for a more elegant appeal.

fur fashion


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