1. Velvet Slick


Velvet has always been the fabric that is associated with lots of glamor. This season you can also get some velvet glam and update your wardrobe with mini dress in red velvet or the eternal black velvet elegance.

2. Sheer And Lacy


The lace is the main fabric of the season, especially when it comes to official events. Get your lace dress and don’t hesitate to try different colored lace. The top colors are bright and pop, so you can even try out a dress made out of red lace.

3. Rocker Chic Meets 50s

rocker chic meets 50s

The 50’s were stylish years. Therefore one of the fashion trends of the year is the 50’s glam. Add some bold rock accents such as the leather jacket worn on a stylish mini dress or large jewels and rock style bag.

4. Neon And Glam


The brighter, the better – this is the motto of the leading designers this year.  Flashy orange, bloody red, bright yellow and neon colors are more than welcome, especially when it comes to mini dresses. Don’t hesitate to get some urban chick glam and wear neon colored dresses, for they are the bespoke trend of the fall/winter fashion season.

5. Animal print and leather

animal print and leather

The party dresses of the year are animal printed and this is a fact, especially if you look at the latest collection of the biggest designers. You can wear all kinds of animal printed dresses, but make sure you combine them with leather jacket, for this is the top combination of the season.


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