The blouse is perhaps the most casual piece of clothing we always like to have around and at hand when imagination is required to compose an outfit. The blouse is a piece of clothing we cannot go without and this season is all about making the blouse sexier and far smarter than anything else.

A sexy Lolita style blouse is meant to show from under a winter coat and present a seductive silhouette emphasized by a large number of fringes. Such a blouse is long enough to be mistaken for a dress, goes perfectly with tights and over the knee boots and it is really something worthy to take out for a spin.

winter elegant blouse

Bottega Veneta proposed a structured blouse made of layer on layer fabric, elegant lines, delicate materials, beautifully underlining the figure. The air is some kind of gothic and of course the style is completely unique.

70s blouses

The 70s are back so details cannot be left out from the blouses’ world. The gilded or stunned collar line is a very delicate touch that can take any blouse out of anonymity and create a true impression. The beautiful details make the best impressions as perfect accessories go.

office styleThe office style calls for sobriety and the masculine shirt with a military touch is in trend. The details here are spectacular brass buttons and chest pockets. Sweeten the outfit with a feminine skirt and you’ll look amazing.

Patterns are a true chance to make a blouse look special. Combine them with monochromatic skirts or pants and they will stand out to look their very best.

Combine the blouse with a tight pullover. Let the collar and ends show from under the sweater and you’ll achieve a trendy college look.

Play with contrasts or simply make creative combination. You’ll surely make an impression with this style.

winter blouses

Asymmetric neckline and rich fabric is a combination you wouldn’t want to miss. If you want to make an impression, go for such a blouse proposed by Blumarine. Cashmere, velvet or heavy silk are perfect for such a blouse structure.

winter blouse

Sheer, lace and details are coming together to make a seductive impression. If you like to create a diva like look, consider making an impression with such a blouse. Rich lace, silk veil and transparent fabrics contribute to making a woman look more seductive than ever. Focus on making an impression and you will sure be the perfect you.


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