1. Stripes


The eternal stripes come back this season and they are one of the affordable must haves in your wardrobe. Go for green and white stripes, for they are smooth and fresh decision for your occasional look.

2. Riding Boots

riding boots

The over-the knee boots are praised as the best boots of the season and this is a fact. In case you want to add some urban chic to your casual appeal, go for the riding boots. They are modern and classy, not to mention you can combine them with any outfit.

3. Flower power skirt

flower power skirt

A skirt can save a girl’s look or totally ruin your image. It is all about the right skirt. This season the classy flower power skirt is your best friend, for it is modern and colorful design for your every day look. Go for flower patterns and smooth colors.

4. The White Shirt

white shirt

This is yet another classic outfit. The white shirt has always been an elegant decision in any wardrobe. Go for classy white shirts, in case you are attending some official event. For more eccentric appeal, check out the Vivienne Westwood white shirts with lots of different designs and silhouettes.

5. The Pea Coat

pea coat

This coat has always been modern and classy. This season the pea coat comes in colorful choice and it can be called the classic of the fall. Check the latest collection of Marc Jacobs for more differently colored pea coats.


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