Sweet and sassy casual cuteness

She is still young to be labeled as a fashion icon, but she really is an inspiration, when it comes to style.

Compared to Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor is still not so glamorous, but her style is unique. The singer is famous for her fashion combination.

taylor swift

Taylor prefers to wear romantic dresses with flower-patterned ankle boots. Her colors are definitely warm, among which pink, navy blue and white are those enhancing the girly girl image.

Taylor’s style is romantic and feminine as she prefers simple silhouettes and smooth colors.

Extra glam with an original twist

She has always been a fashion icon, but lately her outfits are even better than before.

Sarah Jessica Parker prefers the eccentric glam of the corduroy pants combined with suede boots and long cardigans. The actress now wears dark colors in interesting ensembles.

jessica parker

Of course, the essential item of her bespoke look remains the high heels and the bags. Those are the favorite accessories of the Sex and The City star.

Over the years, her taste in fashion has been changing and now we can really say that she has learned to combine her clothes and accessories in an iconic way.


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