The fashion is all about the right combination of clothes, colors and accessories. This season, the tendency for the college fashion is very different from what you have expected.

Forget the mini skirt and the bright colors, the summer is over. Now it’s time for the perfect neutral combination. The secret to a fashionable look this winter is to wear neutral clothing with other neutrals. You can easily mix up multiple colors and achieve a great combination.

Neutral outfitsIn case you want to wear bold outfits, then choose the black and brown combination. It is usually one of the “don’ts” in the fashion, but not if they are combined right. Go for black dress with light brown jacket and boots, for this is an unusual and yet stylish combination.

For even trendier look, here is another “forbidden” combination: grey and camel, for they actually look very cool and stylish, not to mention those are the hottest winter colors.

You can wear a camel coat with grey skinny jeans and grey skirt without any problem; it will still be different and elegant. If you want to go even further, then mix together gray, navy and black. Go for grey shawl, navy blouse and black jeans. This is the absolute hit, when it comes to the occasional look of the winter.


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