Pants are easy to wear and comfortable but this season they are also your chance to be fabulous. From boyish trousers, cropped pants, slim fit or 70s style, the winter pants are all about making a woman look sexy.

tights and slim pants

Tights and slim pants are a common presence since fall and as they are concerned the biggest designers encourage us to be creative. Wear them with the boyfriend’s blazer like DOO Ri or with a sexy shawl like Emanuel Ungaro recommends and you will step out of the box.

rich flowing designs

Rich flowing designs, ample pants made of heavy fabric with tall waist, pleats and beautiful cut are a style launched by Carolina Herrera and encouraged by Marc Jacobs. You cannot go wrong with this type of pants saying: “ Look at me , I’m fabulous!”

winter pants

The 2010- 2011 winter pants are coming in all shapes and sizes, a multitude of patterns and an exotic combination of styles.

For those women that like being sexy no matter what they wear this season makes pants more than a means to an end. It makes them amazing.


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