Well girls, here come Fall and Winter! If we are cool and cute, fine and fabulous but also hip and chic fashionistas these two gorgeous ladies a.k.a seasons will do their best to tempt us in wearing fur.

Like jewels, the fur is an absolute decadence that comes back every F&W season to rock our world into feeling warm but also into being amazingly fashionable.

faux fur 1But because behind any beautiful fashionista hides a smart girl I dare to hope that all of us trendy ladies will find in our hearts to wear faux fur.

Why choose faux fur? Is there really the need to say why?

You, girls know that being trendy is being social conscious and energy smart.

Stay cool and imagine that good things come to those who wait and consider being animal friendly but fashionable too.

When a decade ago the faux fur made a début and crushed the myth that only killing animals you can get the warm and fuzzy fashion items , the biggest designers jumped at the opportunity.

Considering the trend and the amazing techniques that make faux fur look better that the natural one but also feeling a lot lighter on the conscious of a sensible fashionista, let’s focus on how we should wear this fabulous item.

faux fur 2The fur is promising to be a hit this cold season and you might guess that the trend is asking for the best in fur design.

Keep in mind though, that the trend asks for the stylish woman in you to demand and crave with passion a fashionable long coat, a fury elegant clutch, fur trimmed army boots or even a spectacular fur collar on a wonderful camel coat.

Why faux fur? If PETA doesn’t tell you anything then the trend will.

Fur is a must have this season and Michael Kors chose to play with amazing earth tones, mild touches of cream and auburn and the most fabulous textures you ever noticed on fur.

The elegant designs and the sandy and camel notes of clothing are complimented by trendy gray fur spiked with drops of white.

faux fur 3How about a furry vest on an amazing turtle neck top? You, fashionistas of the world, would be glad to know that Topshop had you in mind when they created the coolest color combinations for the above items.

Kristen Blake encourages the lady in you with amazing Bison and Chinchilla look alike coats giving the faux fur a distinction it never had before.

One thing is for sure girls. Dare and wear ankle boots, satin dress and furry vest, stilettos, pencil skirt, ruffled blouse, pearls and a coat with faux mink trim or better yet a gipsy dress, riding boots and sleeveless faux polar bear coat.

Keep in mind that faux fur trim on a coat collar is a smart touch and not forget that you must not combine the furry items for no matter how glamorous they all look, mixing them will be a disaster.


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