The Fair Isle knit is the bespoke hit of the season. Recently even the stars are wearing those comfortable and stylish knits. Celebrities like Rihanna and Leona Lewis are wearing them in a stylish way as they combine them with their ordinary dresses.

fair isle knit

In case you want to add some urban chic to your occasional look, those knits are the right ones for your wardrobe.

fair isle sweater

The knits are ruling the fashion scene; and they are also warm and comfy. So, go for black and white patterned knits and combine them with skinny jeans or mini dress with over-the-knee boots.

fair isle knits

A knitted shawl is another stylish accessory you should wear in the coldest days of winter. Forget the silky shawl and go modern with those interesting and warm shawls.

fair isle rucksack

As for the bags, they are also under the Fair Isle knits influence. Their patterns resemble the knits and look extremely chic in the urban jungle. Check out the latest collection of Missoni for more knitted accessories, which are another way to express your elegance and fashion sense.


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