simplybeUKWomen are an epitome of beauty and grace from time immemorial and who says that this has to change even if she is slightly on the chubbier side.

If you are someone who loves to dress up in chic trendy wear, there should be no stopping you. Being plus size is actually being hot; who says so? We do.

More and more avenues are opening up these days for the curvy. And there is no reason why curvy women cannot be beauty queens.

Ladies plus size fashion is at par with the skinny size zero fashion with sophisticated stylish contours taking your breath away. They are economical, proportionate and aesthetic with a sexy appeal to them making the curvy woman look absolutely stunning.

Where ladies plus size fashion has been ignored for long now, there are fashion designers who actually have cashed in on the gap and designed everything from lingerie & tunics, prom dresses & gowns to work & workout fashion for the rounded sexy woman.

Boosting confidence, the plus sized woman now walks with her head held high dressed up in high fashion clothing that not only highlights her curvy beauty but also adds to her graceful persona!


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