With the colder days coming the winter suddenly becomes a reality waiting to happen to our fabulous sense of fashion. We all love knitting and everything related to the delicate soft nature of wool like fabric. So there is no wonder that for the 2010 winter the fashion became far smarter and far more elegant in the knitting department.

The winter caps are surely cute and with an air of vintage. Mohair and other expensive textures are ready to beautify our head and the note of elegance is sensed in the multitude of patterns available.

winter knitting 1

The catwalk brought the attitude in knitting for this fall. Spectacular lines, provocative designs and most of all a unique approach to knitting came to offer the trendy fashionistas a marriage between chic and trendy.

Lovely crochet shawls and daring knitting decoupage dresses go perfectly this season. The idea is to add a fabulous touch to the winter outfit.

winter knitting 2

Gloves welcome back the vintage knitting. Feel free to accessorize your outfit with this type of gloves and you will surely catch the eye of everybody. Knitting has the opportunity to make a comeback even here.

Nordic patterns and chic color combinations go together to make knitting a star this cold season. Patterns have always been the cream of the crop in this department and this year they prove to be perfect for creating a different impression.

winter knitting 3

Cardigans and layer on layer trend are introducing knitting as the ideal warm and fuzzy item all of us should have in our wardrobe. The multitude of designs and exotic fabric make knitting a dream came true.

winter knitting 4

Layer on layer, carrying a tribal touch or a retro chic look, the winter knits can make an outfit stand out or simply wow the audience. Keep in mind that scarves, shawls, beanies or fur trimmed knit sweaters are all in trend. Focus on the pattern you like and go be fabulous in spite of the cold outside.

winter knitting 5

Knitting compliments accessories too. The knitted bags in the same colors and patterns like the coolest sweaters are all over the biggest designers’ collections.

winter knitting 6

The knitwear sees fit this season to bring in the vintage designed and suede colors but also the warmth we so enjoy. The point is there is no need to lose your glamour because of the cold weather outside. The beautiful knits are ready to keep you warm and let you feel fabulous.

winter knitting 7


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