1. Wool Fabric

wool coat

The winter comes with interesting fabrics, when it comes to trench coats. The designers are now offering lavish fabrics such as the wool fabric. Actually it is one of the best fabrics for the fall/winter season.

2. Fur

fur coat

Fur is now more than trendy. The fashion scene is all about fur coats that differ a lot from what we have seen before. Now the fur is white and comes in combination with lavish leather. Fur is also very suitable for all kinds of official events. Otherwise, as a winter fabric it is praised to be the best, for it is warm and comfortable.

3. Leather

leather jacket

The leather has always been basic fabric for the winter, this season there is no exception about it. The tendency goes for black leather combined with white collar, preferably made out of different fabric. Go for short coats and zipped leather jackets.

4. Tartan Like

tartan like

Most of the British designers have chosen this Tartan like patterned fabric, in order to achieve the typical British appeal. Red is the main color, when it comes to this fashionable appeal.

tartan like


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