1. Animal Print And Flower Power

This is a combination that is more than fashionable, since the biggest designer have included animal prints and flower patterns in their latest collections. Go for this unique combination and don’t hesitate to experience with the colors.

fall fashion 1

2. Cropped Jeans In A Special Paint Pattern

The cropped jeans have always been a modern decision for any occasion, but this season they are beautified with special paint patterns. Check Diesel’s latest collection and choose your cropped and painted patterned jeans.

fall fashion 2

3. Boots Combine.…Everything

Unusual, colorful and extravagant: these are the words that describe the boots of the season. Go for boots on high platforms and experiment with the colors and the shapes, for the boots are the perfect accessory of the season.

fall fashion 3

4. Native Has A Say

Trench coats and long skirts in natural earth colors are now the bespoke part of the native tendency of the fall/winter season. Go for brown and grey, they are the colors of the fashion scene this year.

fall fashion 4

5. Casual Is Out Of The Box

Skinny jeans and knitted sweater is one of the most modern combinations recently. Go for boots in the neutral palette and mini bags.

fall fashion 5

6. Black Is No Longer Black

Monochromatic and fashionable, the black isn’t just black. Go for the monochromatic look and don’t hesitate to experiment with the layer-on-layer trend.

fall fashion 6


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