In case you are wondering what the OTK trend is about, here are the best answers. Look at the Hollywood stars this season. They all have something in common, when it comes to fashion. This is the OTK or over-the knee- boots. They actually never went out of the fashion scene, but this season they are an absolute must have in your wardrobe.

At first sight, they look not so comfortable, but this is not true.

coolest boots for winter 1

The OTK boots are keeping your foot warm and they are perfect to wear with all kinds of outfits. The trend goes beyond any border. You can choose OTK boots with high- platforms and zipped ornaments. Theygo perfectly with mini-skirt and lavish trench coats, especially if you want to impress on the red carpet.

coolest boots for winter 2

You can combine your OTK boots with jeans just as Kate Moss prefers to wear them or combine them with long knitted dresses, the effect will be the same: elegant and sexy appeal.

coolest boots for winter 3

The color palette is all about black, as usual, but you can choose natural tones and accents. The leopard printed boots are also considered as super chic, so go for this amazing look. Check out the DV OTK boots by Dolce Vita, as well as Free People’s latest collection.


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