Its Halloween time, so the fashion goes crazy! You can choose to wear the stereotypical costumes or really interesting and fashionable ones. In case you are out of ideas, here are few tricks that may work well for your Halloween appeal.

halloween costume

At first, forget the clichés when it comes to Halloween outfits and wear a costume similar with a reality TV star. The fresh example is the reality star Snooki from Jersey Shore and her clothing and make up creating a scandalous appeal.

halloween costumes

All you need is a short party dress, high heels and large glitzy jewels. In case this isn’t your favorite reality star, you can choose the clothing style of Lydia from Beetle juice. 80s are fashionable so go for long black dress and heavy makeup.

halloween fashion

In case you don’t like to look like a reality TV star, go for the look of a fashion icon. The closest to Halloween image belongs to the fashion legend Edie Sedgwick. Her style is all about boldness and an inspiration.

halloween fashions

Go for long-sleeved stripped dress, over the knee bots and bold jewels. An oversized cocktail ring and long earrings will also create a Halloween image. Of course you can always choose the rock star image and add some gothic jewelry to fit the occasion. Lady Gaga’s style is also very good for Halloween celebrations.


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