Freedom and carefree spirit: these are the two major things behind the nomadic fashion style. This season the nomadic style is more than modern and it represents a really extravagant choice.

The nomadic look comes to compliment what so far was called boho-chic and transforms the bohemian in a symphony of colors, textures and exotic fabrics able to make the best of any silhouette.

winter fashion trends

The fashion designers have included lots of nomadic details in their latest collection. The main colors are bright as the accents on the outfits are totally extravagant. Mongolia, Tibet, India and Pakistan but also traditional Russian accents are present in all the main collection. From Viking motifs on heavy knits to Asian design in fabulous pants and tribal accents on boots and bags the nomad style brings the picturesque back into fashion.

winter trend

Indian shawls, African motifs and large tunics are the absolute must haves in any wardrobe. Check out the latest collection of Kenzo, in case you are fascinated by this gypsy and yet very chic style. Jeans outfits remember the American Indians and the amazing flower prints and overlaid skirts bring forward the gypsy nation.

Layering is also a key for a modern urban nomad style. Try wearing bright tunics with skinny jeans and combine them with a fur jacket. Another fashion nomadic combination is wearing heavy knits over a long skirt.

winter fashion trend

The hair style, the make-up and the laid back attitude are all fitted to accommodate the best of this style. Such a nomadic outfit is completely welcoming the layered fabric trend and also does its best to make everything look like coming from a world where the free spirit still runs free.

winter trends

The right accessories for the nomadic look are large jewels and over-the-knee boots. Vivienne Westwood is the other fashion designer that includes lots of nomadic outfits in her winter collection. The necklaces have heavy silver and feathers, the bracelets are many, ready to cling on the wrist and of course there are head pieces, veils, fur caps, hoods and scarves to match the entire ensemble.

Go for asymmetrical red cardigans and combine them with masculine boots. In case you want something more casual, go for ethnic skirts and short plaid coat.  The maxi brooches are also another good way to impress with nomadic-styled outfits.


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