In case you are wondering about the bespoke fashion accessory of the fall/winter fashion season, the answer is one: visible socks. The socks have always been a modern accent in anyone’s wardrobe.

Since skirts are super popular this season, the socks are the right accessory for them. The visible socks are elegant and chic, therefore go for black and grey colored socks. There is also another tendency, when it comes to socks – knitted socks.

fashion socks

They are perfect to wear with stylish trench coat or mini-skirt and high-heeled boots. Check the latest collection of Sportmax and Michael Kors for more knitted socks in bright colors.


Combine them with the right boots and you are ready to be a modern queen. In case you prefer fine and luxury stocking, check Christian Dior and Vivienne Westwood latest collection.

There you will see lavish stocking with patterns and amazing figures. The spirit of the 60s is back, so the stocking goes perfectly with gloves from the same texture and color palette.


Don’t hesitate to combine the socks with modern dress, they are adding fashionable accent in your outfit. In case you want to change your entire appeal, just go for the so called “ballet” stockings. They are usually above the knee and their white color resembles the outfits of a ballerina, which is trendy and artistic.


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