The knee high boots are now the total hit of the fashion scene. Therefore, check out the latest collection of Fendi and Chanel, for they are all about the knee high boots. The elegant boots come in all kind of colors without any exceptions.

winter boots

The leather isn’t the only fabric for boots this season, the velour and the fur are the other fashionable fabrics of the fall/winter. Bold and elegant are the words that can describe the look of these boots.

The ankle boots are also part of the fashion look of the season, so check out the latest ideas of Chloe. The designers are creating amazing boots in beige colors. They gave us a real impression of softness and feminine warmth.

boots trend

The leather boots come in all kind of varieties, but what is important to say, those on high wooden heals are an absolute must this season. The suede shoe models are also modern, for they are reminding the glow of the 70s.

winter boots

Yet, their main color is black, but don’t hesitate to try ankle boots with different patterns. Black and white combinations are also elegant and stylish, when it comes to boots.


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