Black has always been a fashionable color. This autumn, this isn’t an exception. The right colors of the fall are black, white and neutral. The good news for the classy fashion lovers is that all kind of combination with these colors is allowed. The typical white shirt combined with mini black skirt is an absolute tendency.

The latest collection of Dolce & Gabbana is all about black and white. The occasional styled outfits are also proper for official events, because they are classy.

fashionable colors 1

Go for black leather in a combination with white cotton, for this is the latest tendency of the autumn. Another good idea you should consider as super modern is the combination of neutral trench coat and bright accessories.

Prada and Marc Jacobs’ latest collection has given a perfect example how to wear trousers in neutral color palette, combined with black blouses and leather boots.

fashionable colors 2

Don’t hesitate to try different combinations and to experiment with the fabrics. Fur is also very popular this season. You can choose a fur jacket in white and combine it with black skinny jeans. The accessories are also important.

fashionable colors 3

In case your outfits are in the black-and-white combination, choose boots and bags in red. You can also check out the latest belts that come in neutral colors. They are proper for any occasion and create a stylish silhouette.


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