This season the accessories are the most important items. Therefore, here are few must haves for any wardrobe. The biggest designers are changing the entire vision of their collections, thanks to tiny accents and details. The accessories are those details that can change any outfit.

fall accessories 1

At first, go for special scarf. It refreshes your look and creates certain artistic appeal. Check the Tory Burch scarf, for it is the absolute hit of the fall and mostly – it comes very affordable with a price under $100. The earrings and the rings are also different this season.

fall accessories 2

They are large and made out of different colored stones and patterns. The Shock Boutique is offering thousands of handmade pieces, which are amazing and modern.

fall accessories 3

The bags of the season are the typical large leather bags, but they are not in the usual color palette.

fall accessories 4

This year the leather bags are in bright colors such as red. You can also explore different colorful combination, when it comes to boots. Don’t hesitate to wear velour; it is also super modern texture.

fall accessories 5

Another must have, when it comes to the right accessories is the hat. Forget the typical winter hats and go for the latest and trendiest hat – the Wool rich hat. It is made out of angora and it is comfortable and soft.

fall accessories 6


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