The dresses have been the cream of the crop in every fall wardrobe and the feminine outfit fans are sure looking for the latest trends and styles that are influencing the fall look.

The 2010 is bringing a fall filled with extremes as dress design is concerned. Long or short, chic, casual or classic, the dresses come to compliment the figure of every woman and make the feminine presence be noticed no matter where she goes.

1. The Sexy, Short Formal

The formal dress is no longer traditional. Fall 2010 is encouraging the sexy mini to be extra short. The elegant fabric and design are certainly making a difference in creating the girl who has come at the party to win hearts.

fall dress trend 1

2. The Shirt Like Casual

The casual look welcomes with open arms the shirt like dress with colorful patterns. You can wear it at school, at work or at a friends’ gathering and accompany it with a neutral cardigan and laced ankle boots.

fall dress trend 2

Make sure you wear black stockings for a sassy look for they will change the casual air of the dress.

3. Lace, Sheer And Fabulous

The evening gowns are surely spectacular this fall. If Armani and Michael Kors encourage short and sexy the long and sheer are popular at designers like Chanel and J.P.Gaultier.

fall dress trend 3

The sexy note is pushed to the maximum bringing in the “boudoir meets elegant” style of dress.

4. Long And Hippie Look

Maxi dresses are in trend this fall. The hippie air look, the spectacular fabric and the 60’s style cut add an air of glamour to these dresses that are following the body line to make it look even more sensual.

fall dress trend 4

It may not be the style of the princess’ dresses but it is surely something out of the ordinary. The maxi dress has made a huge comeback so make sure you buy at least one for this fall.

5. Part Vintage Part Boho Chic

Patterns and fluid fabric, colorful stockings and vintage jewelry make the cocktail dresses bliss for the eyes. Be ready to be noticed for such an outfit will bewitch the world with its glamour.

fall dress trend 5

6. Soft Rocker Chic

Sweet girls can choose a glam rock kind of dress for either, chiffon or velvet can be combined with a glam rock pair of boots and black tights. Keep the hairstyle simple and wear a nude makeup and you will be stunning.

fall dress trend 6

7. Girlie Sweet

Cute short dresses accompanied by leggings are fit for the girlie girl look. Use dresses in mild colors, delicate fabric and loose hairstyle. The combination will make you look young and fresh.

fall dress trend 7

8. Office With A Twist

The office style dresses with button details and an unusual look will sure add glamour to your fall wardrobe. Go for classic colors and straight lines and you will be the star of the office.

fall dress trend 8


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