1. Elegant Witch

Bold and elegant: These two surely describe the absolute autumn fashion trend. The elegance of the complex fabrics combined with dark accessories and bold silhouette is now more than welcomed in your wardrobe.

elegant witch

Lanvin is the right fashion brand for you, in case you want to add more sophistication to your appeal. The dark gothic colors are now super tendency, for they create a lavish look, no matter what you are wearing. The animal prints in a combination with black satin are glamorous and seductive, so go for them, especially if they are combined with a mini fur coat.

2. Indian Runner

The tribal look wouldn’t be the same without some South American motifs, when it comes to stylish outfits. Perhaps that was the main idea behind the latest fall/winter collection of Wunderkind.

Their bohemian and tribal style resembles some typical Indian outfits, but the silhouette is simple and clean. Those kinds of outfits are now totally in demand, when it comes to urban chic and fashionable wearing.

indian runner

The fabrics are cotton, tweed and even lacquered leather. As for the shoes, they are on low platforms in neutral colors. The comfortable tribal elegance is now an absolute must have for the autumn fashion list.

As for the colors – don’t hesitate to choose bright red, leopard prints and green, for they are the colors that put an accent on the connection between fashion and earth.

3. Wild Cat In The City

Being a wild cat in the city isn’t easy, but is surely sexy and provocative. The tribal seductive fur line is now a super fashion adventure for women with fantasy.

The biggest fashion designers have included the fur as a main fabric in their fall fashion lines. Dark tones, combined with neutral blazers, wild patterns and unusual fabric – this is all you need to achieve an extraordinary and modern look.

wild cat

Rugged and fluid fabrics are the bespoke materials of the season as they resemble the typical African and Asian fabrics. All kind of combinations are allowed, especially when they represent a native culture ornament.

For instance, the black cocoon coat with goat hair is now super modern, for it is different and unusual. The long maxi dresses are no longer just comfortable, they are now animal printed, in order to inspire us for a fashion adventure.

Don’t miss out to purchase some tribal necklaces, large jewels and asymmetrical hems.


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