1. XXL sweater

It is typical for the grunge style, but this season the XXL sweater is way more glamorous as it is combined with long skirts and denim outfits.

grunge style 1

2.Transparent Top And Faux Fur

Fur and transparent tops may not sound as the best combination, but apparently they go perfectly together and create a bold and sexy appeal.

grunge style 2

Check the latest collection of Prada, for they create this unusual combination. The color palette is rich and intense. Purple is the bespoke color, when it comes to fur outfits.

3. Leather Glam And Long Hair

The leather outfits has always been part of the grunge chic look, but this season they are more glamorous. Go for black leather skinny trousers and combine them with the best accessory you have – your hair.

grunge style 3

4. Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt is back to the fashion scene and most of the designers have included it in their latest collections. In this case the maxi skirt is combined with white sweater, which is a super trendy combination. Go for cotton maxi skirts and light colors.

grunge style 4

5.Fabric Layers On Fabric Layers

Unusual and stylish, the fabric layers on fabric layers look is the biggest grunge trend of the fall. Go for leather and cotton, for they are the fabrics of the season. The color palette is in earth colors not exactly dark but quite trendy.

grunge style 5


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