As fashion goes the British air has been a constant during the last decades. The almighty tweed, checkerboard patterns and traditional meets chic designs have made a distinctive not in the portfolio of the biggest designers.

Paul Smith and Alexa Chung saw fit to approach this spectacular heritage and make its presence extremely spectacular this season.

glamour of the british rule 1

If the college fashion and couture have hit the streets, the 2010 fall comes with an infusion of delicious British cuts and lines that anybody would love to wear.

The Alice’s adventure in Wonderland may sure bring back to you the tea party air and with it perfectly lovable coats made of the tweed so trendy nowadays.

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Match them with auburn dresses and dark red skirts. Do not forget the cool cap and you will be the gal everyone will eye on the street.

Tall riding boots and a redingote accompanied by a vest and a stylish blouse can make any lady look like the lady of the manor.

glamour of the british rule 3

The smart English style can make you elegant and outstanding and no matter how hard it is to believe such an outfit will make you look like a true blue blood.

Keep in mind that such an outfit is perfect for attending a stylish fall gathering outdoors and also that the outfit can make you look both original and spectacularly traditional.

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The delicate crochet and feminine skinny pants are all part of the way the fashion integrates the British touch.

Feminine cardigans, college vests and organza blouses, earth tones and beautiful lines are meant to accommodate the delicate spirit of the dreamer in you.

glamour of the british rule 5You think Jane Eyre? Think no further for the elegance of the 18th century is surely hitting the fashion podiums in the collections of Marks and Spencer and Top shop.

Their lines include sheep wool, elegant cable knits and jackets, luxurious velour, vintage jewel and amazingly cool shoes. Let’s not forget the typical umbrellas we use so much during fall days.

The accessories follow the same classical note. The tapestry bags are a clear must have this season.

Their studied elegance and delightful patterns will make an outfit look outstanding.

Such a purse will sure grab a lot of envious glances from the crowd you walk through so by all mean consider one as a spectacular addition to your wardrobe.


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