1. Cape Style

The cape style is a tendency that has always been fashionable and modern. Black is as usual typically the main color of the cape coats, so go for a black cape coat. Check the latest collection of Yves Saint Laurent, which is a promise for an elegant and stylish autumn.

fall coats 1

2. Short And Cute

In case you are going for more cute and chic coats, there is nothing better than the refreshing look than short fall coats.

fall coats 2

This one is part of the Topshop latest collection and represents youthful spirit and mood. You can combine it with mini-skirt in neutral colors and bright mini-bag. It will surely turn you into a modern princess.

3. Detailed Animal Print

Animal prints are an absolute must have this season. The tendency is a bit different than last autumn, because of the detailed animal print.

fall coats 3Go for geometrical animal prints and the cold seductive look, offered by Gucci and Prada. Don’t miss out Sonya Rachael’s animal printed coats, for they are also a hit, when it comes to trendy coats.

4. Tackled In Cushion Like Fur

Fur is definitely in the trend, despite what many environmentalists are saying.

fall coats 4

In case you want to risk and add some urban boldness into your wardrobe, check the latest trendy fall collection of American Eagle. Go for bright colors such as lemon yellow and red.

5. High Neck Elegance

This funnel neck coat with ruched side detail is represented by Topshop, a brand that clearly knows to produce the best elegant coats of the autumn.

fall coats 5

In case you are going for such a sophisticated chic, don’t forget to check the graduated coats with drape collars, part of Alexander McQueen’s fall collection, as well as Jil Sander’s sculpted jersey coats.

The luxury collections of the biggest names in the branch are just amazing, for they present stunning fabrics, stylish silhouette and mostly- high class elegance.

6. Warm And Fuzzy Feeling

A coat can resemble a comfy blazer and this is the main reason why so many sport brands have turned the coat into a sporty outfit. Go for the comfortable coats made out of cotton. Check Diesel’s collection and don’t hesitate to choose a coat in a bright color.

fall coats 6

7. Belted Waistline

Belted coats are the fashion hits among the fall outfits. Therefore, go for belted asymmetric trenches and coats. Check the reversible coats with black and white check lining presented by the designer Tsumori Chistato. They are already praised as the fashion surprise of the year.

fall coats 7


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