1. Colors To Match The Fall

Monochromatic outfits are back in the fashion scene, so don’t hesitate to update your wardrobe with this fascinating style.

Monochromatic style is all about mixing the right colors with the right contrast. For instance, you can mix navy and sky blue, goldenrod and light yellow, army and lime green – this way you will get the right monochromatic look.

monochromatic fashion 1

Don’t go for neutral colors and always go for the contrast. Check the latest collection of Marc Jacobs, who has created amazing monochromatic outfits with bold and pop colors.

Jean Paul Gaultier is the other designer, who suggests more daring look with his autumn colored monochromatic outfits, so don’t hesitate to wear his latest creations.

2. Grays And Black To Compliment The Figure

Monochromatic look isn’t just a way to color, but a game of the right colors. The latest collection of Salvatore Ferragamo shows extremely high class sophistication as the designer mixed hues of the same color tone, without losing the colorful effect.

monochromatic fashion 2

His favorite colors to play with, in order to achieve the monochromatic vision are gray and black.

Long trench coats, lavish fabrics and matching accessories are the main basis behind his successful autumn collection. In case you want to wear black, wear it in a different style, suggested by Ferragamo.

3. Textures And Details

The autumn monochromatic look is a matter of the right details and the right textures.

In order to achieve runaway fashion look, just try to create contrast with the textures. For instance, you can simply mix some satin fabric with sequins or cotton, but make sure the color palette is mixing well.

monochromatic fashion 3

Don’t pair too similar shades, textures or details. Denim is also allowed, especially if you choose dark blue skinny jeans combined with denim top in the same color palette.

The latest collection of Isaac Mizrahi is an example, when it comes to mixing textures and details. He used contrasting orange prints and matching solid handbags and textured shoes. The result is a modern monochromatic look.

monochromatic fashion 4

Burberry is the other brand that made an interesting mix of textures and details. The British brand is offering stylish combination as their main color is purple in all its shades.

Trench coats in dark purple are combined with long skirt in light purple and the handbags are extremely fashionable in bright red color.


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