1. Flannel And Army Boots

flannel and army boots

Combat boots are the bespoke men accessory of the season. Go for the typical army boots and combine them with flannel in grey palette. Bean caps are also must have, in case you want to update your wardrobe with bold and extravagant outfits.

2. Monk Strapped Footwear

monk strapped footwear

Classy and patterned footwear is the key to an elegant outfit. Therefore, the monk strapped shoes are so fashionable. Patterns are also important, when it comes to elegant men’s footwear. Go for brown geometrical elements, for they are eccentric and yet, very classy.

3. A Drop Of Orange For The City Wear

orange for city wear

Orange has always been a color that is appropriate for females, but not this season. Orange is now the main color, when it comes to men’s collections. Go for rich colors and knitted cardigans. Combine orange and blue and don’t hesitate to purchase a red blazer. It is the top blazer of the season, for it is bold and different.

4. Coats In Milder Tones

coats in milder tones

The classical male coats are now different from what we have seen. The difference comes from the color palette. Forget the typical black or brown coat; pick up a coat in mild tone. Camel coats are also another good modern idea for the autumn. The fabrics are lavish and comfortable. The collars are high.

5. Denim But With A Tailor’s Touch

denim with tailors touch

Denim is back to the fashion scene and especially into the collections of the biggest designers. Tailored denim is all about a new masculine kind of versatility – rich colors, refined fabrics and sexy silhouettes.

6. The Chic Geek Look

chic geek look

The geek look depends on two things – the right accessories and the right jeans. Go for Diesel latest collection, for it is praised as the best. The new chic geek look is also about the right color combination. The monochromatic look is also very modern. Go for gray, black and dark blue, for they are the fashionable colors of the season.

7. Urban Mystification

urban mystification

The urban look has always been part of the modern man wardrobe. This fall, the mystification in the men’s collections is all about the right combinations. Go for light brown jackets, tweed coats, camel trousers and black leather gloves. Don’t forget the shawl. It is already a classy accessory, so don’t hesitate to combine your velour shoes and jacket with a brown classic patterned shawl.


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