Fall fashion and urban chic look come together to complete what young women call the “IT” fashion style for fall 2010. Being trendy and fashionable go hand in hand this fall for the most significant designers are focused on creating the urban look that because of its versatile nature will practically fit anyone.

1. Cute Doll Look

cute doll look

Girlie doll look is one of the urban chic trends. Mild tones, traditional fabric but also socks and kitty heels plus a casual hairstyle and makeup can mix elegant with out of the box style and result in excellent combinations. Be the cutest of the cute and the urban doll look will get you noticed.

2. Kaki And Sheer

kaki and sheer

The fall brings with it the urban attitude and the sexy style that made city girls stand out. Sheer fabrics, wild hair and kaki skinny pants are the right recipe to stand out. Add a pair of decoupage ankle boots in strong colors, and you are going to walk the walk.

3. Hot Child In The City

hot child in the city

Rocker air is back for fall and leather pants a.k.a leather tights will make you look your best. Keep the top casual and add a hat for a hippie cool look. This urban coolness fits perfectly the fashion hunters and college beauties ready to show their wild side. Accessorize with double cuff bracelets and you are the urban rock beauty.

4. War, Dark Goddess

war, dark goddess

Faux fur and dark look, the urban warrior inside you crawls out to make you look fabulous. Slick hairstyle and dark outfit, wild look but stylish cut can make you the Goddess of war out to conquer the city.

5. The Beautiful Lady

the beautiful lady

Classic lines, fabulous pants and earth colors, can you say Carrie Bradshaw? If the lady in you likes to wear classic clothes and elegant footwear, the urban diva look will come as a natural move. Do not be afraid to let you hair loose and be extraordinary fabulous. Sunglasses will add to your diva air.

6. Chic And Light

chic and light

The cool air of office style will make you look perfectly delightful. Keep it simple; use the smooth fabrics and light colors to underline the best in your figure. Asymmetric design, 80s shoulders, college style shirts and comfortable shoes will all make the look even more chic. Urban can mean fit to walk the city streets.


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