All of us would like to be our best under all conditions. There is no doubt about that. In today’s competitive and fashion conscious world everybody wants to dress and look the best.

That is easy to achieve provided that you have your own style to look good associated with a great dressing sense. I have come across people who unfortunately in majority, attribute smartness of style to a thin body.

elegant fashion 1In order to achieve that slim frame people indulge in rigorous exercise and unhealthy dieting when it is known as a fact that a woman with a fuller figure can look smarter by the way she is by paying some attention to the way she dresses.

Smart look is achieved easily with careful measures and proper planning. Each of us possesses a different body frame.

Curvaceous, Top-Heavy, Pear-Shaped and Apple-Shaped are the different kinds of shape a woman can have. You need to understand in which category you stand and dress accordingly.

Getting to know the category you fit in will solve half of the dressing woes because now you have a path to follow and you can easily tune your dressing accordingly.

The first and foremost step to be taken for great and smart look is to have a good collection in your wardrobe. If you have not changed your wardrobe for many months together, then is the time to do it.

Find out about the current fashion statement and analyze whether it will be suitable for you. The most important thing is to dress you up according to your body shape and the contemporary fashion and trends. This change would give you immense confidence.

elegant fashion 2

Dressing up smart and according to your suitability needs a lot of planning and expertise. Not sure how to handle it? Then make use of the handbooks available for this purpose and go for an expert opinion.

From these you can decipher which kinds of clothes will suit you the best and also learn about the required accessories to match those clothes perfectly.

Hot new trends in the market may work for you well. Get to know that and also about how it is best to wear that according to your budget. You could conduct a comprehensive and extensive research on how to dress and the style of dressing according to your body shape.

You will get to know which clothes to pick and which clothes you need to avoid. Prints and patterns are yet another major area in dressing that would accentuate your looks if used properly. They have a great influence on your dressing and can make you look slimmer, fatter, taller or shorter.

A research will give you insights about the different kinds of prints and patterns and how to use them. You will find the secret behind streamlining your body and also the nuances of highlighting your bests.

Matching accessories, appropriate color and a perfect wardrobe selection that suits you the most and eclipses the issues of your silhouette are the extensively dealt with by so many designers

On the whole, the quest for a smart look and fashionable wear would play a great role in enhancing your personality permanently and would help you to hold your head high in front of others.

Think fuller and fabulous figure and you will be surprised how many complimentary looks your style will get.


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