1. The Classy

The uniforms aren’t the same anymore. Designers like Chloe transformed them into stylish and chic outfits. Go for grey colors and a black tie. It is always an outfit to admire.


2. The Sassy

The sassy school look is all about black leather and dramatic look. Go for trendy dress with tiny black belt. It is a perfect combination for parties and it really looks elegant and sassy. The look is for those girls that want to be bold in their fashion decisions.


3. The Elegant

The more volume you are adding, the more elegant look you get, so do check the latest collection of Prada, where the typical uniforms are turned to unusual and elegant outfits.


Tommy Hilfiger surely knows to surprise us with elegant dresses. This fall his “school” uniform is all about unusual combinations like this.

4. The Cute

The cuteness of girly girl delicate jackets and stylish hairstyle along with black tights are a lovely combination. The neutral mini-skirt is totally back and now you can wear it with bright red high heels. It will still be a cute and mesmerizing appeal.


5. The Chic

In case you want to be completely stylish, you will simply need a new trench coat and a tweed skirt. DKNY reminds us to exchange the sporty uniforms with cute coats and fashionable accessories. Chic isn’t only appeal, it is also a statement. Go for knit blazers and combine them with stylish bags and high plat formed boots.


6. The Casual Dark

Proenza Schouler has an approach, which is different from all designer’s styles we have ever seen. How about a dark mini-skirt combined with neutral blazer and a school hat? It surely sounds fashionable and moreover, it provides a strict silhouette, which is proper for any figure.

casual dark

7. The Stylish

The stylish uniforms of the season are all about the right colors. In case you don’t want to update your wardrobe with the usual black fall dresses, go for bright colors. Orange is your best friend, especially when it comes to uniforms.


The bespoke accessories are the knee-high socks. They are part of the school uniform look, but actually they add more feminine look to your wardrobe. Go for black socks and combine them with high heels. It is a trendy combination that is stylish and adorable.


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