low heel bootsLow heel boots are stylish and feminine; therefore most of the designers included them in their latest collection.

The main color is brown and the good news is that finally the flat boots are modern. The comfortable tendency includes also easy-pull on style.

The zipper is made just as an accessory and it gives smooth touch to the boots.

Wrapped and strapped – Those are the two key words that can describe the tendency for 2010. The low heel boots aren’t just simple and comfortable.

wrapped and strapped low heel bootsThey are now wrapped and strapped in thousands of combination, which give an interesting silhouette and different look.

The buckles and the straps are also part of the tendency, as even the zip is important, for it is giving the country look to the boot.

The practical boots are smart looking and cozy; therefore don’t hesitate to include them in your winter wardrobe.

Black is back at the fashion scene, especially when it comes to modern boots.

military style bootsThe military style is now elegant and stylish, so don’t hesitate to update your wardrobe with these beauties. The so called tallest tale boots are an absolute must have for the winter.

Modcloth is the brand that so far made them super popular. Another brand, which didn’t miss out to include those types of boots in its collection is Free People.

Their Cooper boots are also preferable and modern, for they are universal and can be combined with anything you wear.

For more glamor, go for low heeled black leather combats that resembles the rock-star look as they are upgraded with large zippers for a more provocative appeal.

Suede and buckskin are just part of the velveteen wave at the fashion season this fall.

The colors are smooth and refined, while the boots are more than comfortable with their flat platforms, the slouch boots are back and they come in a variety of looks. The absolute trend of the latest designer collections is to choose flat boots and to combine them with skirts.

suede and buckskin

Skinny jeans are also perfect for these comfortable boots. Cowboy boots are also among the “must haves” of the winter, but they come in cozy fall colors. The spurs are also part of the low heel boots’ look and provide a bold look, especially if you choose to wear some vintage boots.


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