The lady like clothing is sure able to make a stand for the feminine image. It seems the androgenic look is giving up this fall before the wonderful long skirts that bring fabulous back in female fashion.

1. The Evening Delicate Breeze

The long skirts are getting shiny or sheer this fall. Made of flowing fabric, both delicate and bold, in strong colors and bold combinations, they are absolutely perfect for the evening look.

evening delicate breeze

2. Military Combined

The uniform trend is perfectly accompanied with a maxi skirt. The combination of delicate fabric and straight lines gives the outfit an extreme glamour everybody would love.

military combined

3. Undercover Diva

The diva look is perfectly created with a long skirt in bold colors. The longer the skirt, the better look you will get for, what is more cool for a princess than a long elegant skirt.

undercover diva

4. Studied Elegance

The lady like look will be easily achieved with a pyramid long skirt. Tweed or velvet can fit anything from a casual cardigan to an aviator jacket. Let yourself be feminine and walk towards success.

studied elegance

5. Boho Chic

The laid back attitude is surely fit for colder days. Boho- chic is still in style and combining the long casual skirt with fur coats, fur hats or cute cardigans will make you shine on the street.

boho chic


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