1. The “I Care For Nothing”

Jumpsuits are perhaps one of the most comfortable and trendy outfits this fall. They are included even in the most glamorous collection, so don’t hesitate to choose jumpsuit in neutral colors.

jumpsuits 1

The universal outfit can be combined with anything – from high heels to mini cocktail bag. In this case, the jumpsuit is combined with high heels and a trench coat, which represents the urban chick style.

2. One Shoulder Babe

One shoulder jumpsuits are surely one of the best red carpet’s outfits this season. Go for black one-shouldered jumpsuit as you choose well the fabrics.

jumpsuits 2

The satin ones are appropriate for women with perfect figure, while those made out of cotton are good for curvy figures. The one shoulder jumpsuit is also very good choice for all kind of parties, for it is unusual and eccentric.

3. The Tweedy Look

The typical British tweed trend isn’t forgotten this fall. Actually it is more than updated with the jumpsuits made out of fashionable tweed. The color palette is grey and neutral, as the whole construction speaks of comfort and natural style. The silhouette is clean as it gives a typical British appeal to your wardrobe.

jumpsuits 3

4. The Classy Casual

The classy casual jumpsuit is actually a matter of mood. This is the main idea why so many designers have included the casual jumpsuit in their collections. Wear your jumpsuit according to your mood.

If you want a relaxing shopping tour, go for cotton jumpsuit combined with stylish mini jacket. It is a perfect example for the casual chic tendency.

jumpsuits 4

If you want to be elegant and yet natural looking, combine tweed jumpsuit with shawl and leather boots. It will create an extremely elegant look to your appeal. Check the latest collection of Cynthia Steffe, which is another reason to love the classy casual jumpsuits.

5. The 80s Comeback

80s are back and this isn’t just a fact. It is a statement, especially if you take a look at the latest collection of Jean Paul Gaultier and Calvin Klein. Their cocktail jumpsuits speak for glamorous fashion choice and remind us of the 80s lost glamour.

jumpsuits 5

Lavish fabrics, an eccentric silhouette and unusual patterns are only part of the cocktail jumpsuits look. Lace jumpsuits are also recommendable for sexier appeal. Combine it with large jewels and you will be surely the star of the red carpets this fall.


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