1. Sexy And Skinny

The skinny jeans are back, but they come in a different shape. The so called paneled jeans are now more than fashionable.

sexy and skinny paneled jeans

Designers like Marc Jacobs include them in their latest collection as they give sexy appeal to the entire look. The jeans are made out of different colored denim and look very eccentric, but yet sexy. Go for paneled jeans in dark blue and black, recently they are one of the most glamorous tendency.

2. Cropped And Glamorous

Isabel Marant is the brand that reminds us cropped, is actually stylish. Therefore, the cropped jeans are back to the fashion scene with their messy elegance and mostly- comfortable feeling.

cropped jeans

The 50s are all over the fashion, but the cropped jeans are perhaps the best part of this tendency. Go for cropped jeans and combine them with high heels – it is a combination that goes perfectly for any occasion.

3. Hippie Worn Out

The hippie look brings happiness and the so called “dolce vita” feeling. The ripped jeans are now part of the glamorous hippie look, especially if they are combined with every-day sneakers and military jacket. The urban hippie look is now more than welcome, especially if it is combined with colorful vest.

ripped jeans with military jacket

4. Casual And Laid Back

The brand of Diesel has always been fashion ruler, when it comes to denim tendencies. This fall the brand surprised us with their collection Black Gold, a collection devoted to the casual and comfortable look. Therefore, go for practical and yet, stylish denim combination. Rock Revival Jeans, Overalls and denim jackets are also part of this every-day look.

casual & laid back

5. Color Me Pretty

The spirit of the fall can be seen only in those colorful denim items. Designers like Prada and Tory Burch have included the graffiti print denim as a major part of their fall/winter collection. They aren’t just interesting; they are super stylish and remind us for the golden ages of 80s.

graffiti print denim

The acid wash trend of those times is now back to the stage, but this time the graphical element is a must. Patterns with geometrical elements, as well as leopard prints on denim outfits are the absolute fashion hit.

6. Cargo Style

The Cargo style is surely the style of the new fashion generation. Convenient, comfortable and urban chick, the denim outfits come with simple silhouette and clean lines. The skinny cargo jeans are praised as the best, especially when it comes to occasional look.

cargo style


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