Since it is time for the young fashionistas of the world to be young and fabulous in the classroom once more, the back to school fashion makes itself known with special trends and style signatures that would make the classroom shine with glamour.

1. Printed Tops

printed tops

Printed tops are not at all just for summer. A warm fall invites you to hang on to the live prints and short sleeves and be the cutie all boys would admire. The warm autumn tones are there to compliment your figure.

2. Monochromatic Casual

monochromatic casual

The classy college air invites you to wear skinny jeans and grey tones. You can wear monochromatic, boho-chic symphony and let one item shine out with color. Whether it is a colorful bag or a cool accessory you will sparkle with glamour.

3. Eye Catching Vest

eye catching vest

The vest is still in style but add ruffles to it and you will sure make your presence known.

4. Seductive Combinations

eye catching vest

Be sexy, be feminine, be girly elegant. One strong colored item plus Earth tones are fitted for a sexy college chic.

5. Tartan Cute

tartan cute

Be cute and wear tartan. Strong colors in black square lining can do a lot for your figure and can also make you look like a school girl …but a sweet and sassy one.

6. High Waist Skirts

high waist skirts

The 50s air still lingers and so do the very elegant high-waisted skirts. Pencil, ruffled, puffed or flower power the trend suites any design.

7. Ankle Boots For High Standards

ankle boots

With colder autumn days come the cutest ankle boots. Low heel, high heel or flat they are too hot looking to resist.


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