All fashion bloggers dream to work in fashion. Surprising or not working in fashion is supposed to be hard but interviewing for a fashion job is even harder.

Here are 5 tips to help you dress fashionably smart for a fashion interview.

1. The Trend Should Be Just One

It’s true that your style will speak for your calling card so better stick to just one trend. If it’s casual, then be casually chic. Focus on following a pattern and not stand out by over mixing styles.

fashion interview 1

2. The Stylish Coat

The coat you wear can say many things but can also be a life saver in a rainy day. Make sure you pick one that would make a statement about your sense of style.

fashion interview 2

3. To Wear Or Not To Wear The Label

Showing off a label, whether in clothing or in accessory might be too much. You need to show them you know labels but showing it off can mean you are trying too hard.

fashion interview 3

4. Careful Where You Shop

Cool clothes can be found in low cost shops too. It is true you won’t wear a price tag, but showing off a loose thread or a fabric with poor structure will not be a good idea.

fashion interview 4

5. The Touch Of Vintage

You cannot go wrong with vintage especially this year. Whether it is a coat or a string of pearls or simply a whole outfit, this style will help you be winner.

fashion interview 5


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