1. Clothes That Fit

There aren’t many designers that create fashion for big girls, but recently the standards are changed and luckily you can find the perfect outfits in any famous designer collection.

plus size fashion 1

One of the most popular designers that create plus size fashion is Lane Bryant. These beautiful dresses, jeans and tops are from her last collection devoted to women with curves.

2. Casual Meets Glamour Style

In case you need more glamour, don’t worry. There is already a decision for women with fuller figure, in fact, lots of decisions.

Designers like Michael Kors and even Marc Jacobs are now using plus-size models, while even Vogue is changing its standard and includes glamorous fashion for curvy women.

plus size fashion 2

In case you want to add some glamorous dress to your wardrobe, check out the last collection of the newly created brand Asos Curve. It is really the right brand to suggest you neutral dresses that are made to show the best of your curves and to cover what you really want to hide.

3. High Heels On Fashionable Shoes

One of the secrets of the fashion look has always been hidden in the right accessory. Here comes your best friend, in case you are curvy woman – the high heels. They can make you look thinner and moreover, they add fashion and modern appeal to anything you wear.

plus size fashion 3

Jeans, combined with super high heels will surely turn you into a modern princess. Check the latest Levi’s collection for women with curves and combine with leopard high heels that grab the attention.

4. Perfect Hairstyle To Fit The Cool Outfits

The hairstyle is the best accessory and we already know it. The experts in this matter are advising you to go for modern hairstyle and to choose more curls.

plus size fashion 4

Another good hairstyle is one that opens your face. Try sleek and straighten hair, this will also fit perfectly your new modern look.

5. Dare And Wear

In case you want to find the perfect swimsuit, this is no longer problem. Nowadays the latest collection swimsuits are made for all sizes. You can also go for combinations, which will fit your figure.

plus size fashion 5

Tops with bikini are perhaps one of the best combinations you can choose. Go for big accessories and jewels, for they grab the attention and add more style.


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