1. D&G

dolce and gabbana handbags

Dolce & Gabbana surprised us as usual as they presented their fall collection. Their bag is small and glamorous and comes in dark palette.

2. Prada

prada handbags

Prada has chosen woven bags in unusual shapes and colors. The main colors of their collections are dark red and black, as the combination is extremely stylish and eccentric.

3. Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton handbags

The brand of Louis Vuitton has stayed faithful to its usual style and presents us a new version of its main model bags. This time the leather is in neutral colors as it gives more business look to any woman.

4. Balenciaga

balenciaga handbag

Balenciaga is the bespoke winner of the season as they presented the blue unconventional leather bag, which is already super hit.

5. Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs handbag

Marc Jacobs is untraditional even in the traditions as he made a new version of the business elegance for women. His main bag for the fall is a different combination between colors and all sorts of leather.

The glamorous element is included as the designer relies on gold and silver for his decorations. The bags come in neutral palette with contrastive details on them.


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